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Resonance Group is committed to making a difference. We make a difference by ensuring our ethics and principles are at the very heart of everything we do, every day.

Our team strive to deliver excellence in heathcare, excellence in education and knowledge delivery, and excellence in research and innovation. We play our top game as professionals and as a team. We thrive on solving problems and finding unique solutions across our business, within our communities and alongside individuals.

Resonance Group delights in being of service across all of our brands. 

Resonance Podiatry

Resonance Podiatry are an expert team of dedicated Podiatrists, working together to help you achieve your goals and get you back to work, sport, play and life.



Resonance Education

At Resonance we are passionate about education and want to make knowledge available to help create solutions for retail, industry, health students & professionals, athletes & coaches.







A unique wearable sensor to change the way you run. Real time feedback to hone your efficiency and harness your power.

run with VIBE











Providing Knowledge, Information, Training in the technical footwear industry.





Tootlepegs aims to inspire health professionals to donate their time and knowledge to help uncover the options, improve access to top quality care, connect the dots and provide practical help for children who have physical limitations that make life challenging.






To Inspire – To Empower – To Serve

BEing is my creation, my heart project. BEing explores life. It explores possibility, unravels intricacies, delves into darkness, moves towards light and stands strong on the edge of the unknown.









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